What is love?

“I think love is being kind, helpful and caring for others,” says Patrick, 7. “I once showed love for my mom when I agreed to go to her favorite restaurant after I tasted their food.”
That’s really love. I think I’ve eaten at the same restaurant.

Kids Talk About God

“My mom shows love to me by packing my lunch every day and packing my snack,” says Grayson, 7.

All those delicious lunches and snacks. The least we can do is to take Mom to her favourite restaurant, even if the place could use a new chef.

While dining with Mom, don’t forget Dad, says Tyler, 5: “Love is my dad tucking me into bed.” Remember to give love when Dad tucks you in, says Ephraim, 9: “Love is to me always sleeping with your favorite stuffed animal.” But it’s also “hugging your dad when he gets back from a long day at work,” he adds.

Let’s not overlook the obvious, says Meredith, 6: “Love is when my mom and dad go to work so I can have a place to live.”

What would happen if all the children who read this column thanked their parents for going to work today? Better yet, try showing your love by doing something helpful yourself, says Barbara, 6: “Love is helping my mom and dad in the garden.”

“Sometimes they are mean, but it is for your safety or you not showing respect,” says Rachel, 7. “There are five kinds of love: love for your parents, pets, toys, sisters and brothers, and the greatest one of all is God’s love.”

I’ve never thought of toys as one of the top five categories of love, but I suppose it depends on how you define “toys.” Adults have toys, too. They may cost more, but they’re still toys. And we may indeed love them more than God, family or friends.

At age 7, Emily knows what brings moms and dads together: “Love is kissing. Love is hugging. Love is a heart. Love is a marriage. Love is spending all your time with someone. Love is great. Love is one of the best things in life. That is love.”

The earth would be a desolate place if dads and moms didn’t love each other and make sacrifices for their children.

“God gave us love so that we can show it to other people,” says Beth, 10. “The Bible says, ‘God is love.’ So, to know God is to know love.”

Beth knows a lot about God and his love. Beth, you’re so eloquent, the remainder of this column is yours.

“Love is kind. Love is patient. Love is in you and me. Your teacher is love when she helps you with your homework.

“God is love for he put us on this Earth. He gave us friends and family. Your brothers and sisters are love. Even if you get in a fight, you still love each other.

“I think God shows us love by providing pets that love us. I know my dog loves me, and I love him.

“Love is what’s on the inside. Don’t judge people by what they are wearing or how they look. That is love. Judge people by what’s on the inside.

“Love was in Jesus’ heart when he came to earth to die for us. Even if you were the only one on Earth, he still would have died for you. That is love. Jesus is love. Show love to other people so you can be like Him.”

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