Viewpoint: Newcomers get favoured treatment over citizens

When is our government going to protect long-standing residents of this country?

By Sam Lloyd –

Our parents and grandparents fought in the World Wars and what good has it done to them and their offspring?  Seniors living in poverty after all they have done for this country! Any of the services they get, they pay an arm and leg for.  How many of these seniors are being forced into nursing homes as well where they are abused, neglected or even die and there is no outcome for their families just government double-speak.

It would seem that elderly workers can’t find jobs, but at the same time, new immigrants and refugees are getting into the country (even if they had English/French or some form of it,and, as before, they had to have a job before they came in).

Our government, in it’s wisdom, have refugee settlement organizations, free ESL classes and training, put these people on welfare and subsidized housing. They let these people be hired, even in government employment resource centres when a lot of these employers know that Canadian seniors or people that have registered for a very long time,
don’t have work.

So here we are, what did our parents fight for, for freedom for their children and grandchildren, when I suppose these new immigrants and refugees don’t give a damn what these soldiers did.  A lot of these folks are just thinking of themselves and their families and don’t integrate with other societies.

Ever wonder how many Anglos or native Canadians are on the street or in shelters and especially seniors who are still looking for work when someone can get a job after just coming into the country.

Of course, this is with the politicians blessing and non-profit organizations??   As been said before, WELCOME TO CANADA, it must be a joke around the world.

When is our government going to protect long standing residents of this country?