Viewpoint: At last, an end to Harper and his gang

More voters wanted a progressive government than a Neocon regime

By Frank Touby – 

Editorial minds at National Post have adhered to the Neocon lying point that because the separatist Bloc Quebecois is backing the pending coalition government likely to replace the Tories, there’s something illegitimate about the pact.

That is pure baloney.

We are thankful that the Stephen Harper regime is being brought to an end and that the “democracy” the Tories claim is being violated by the coalition scheme is going to be better represented.

After all, despite another Tory lying point, most voters didn’t select Harper. More voters opted for a progressive government, not for the Bush-esque Harperites.

And so, if they can get it together, having a government that is sensitive to the needs of Canadians rather than the lusts of big corporations is a very appealing prospect.

Yes, it is ironic and a bit rattling that a boring and almost hallucinating loser like Stephane Dion would sit in the prime minister’s chair, even as a lame duck, but even that is better than the thugs and corporate slaves currently occupying the nation’s leadership.

So long as Dion keeps his word and gives up any leadership ambitions, we should be all right through May.

From my standpoint, it appears Bob Rae would be best in that chair because he has been a parliamentary chief, is an experienced leader, and his regime in Ontario wasn’t even close to as disastrous as some claim to remember. For one thing, he didn’t suck up to the unions, as you’d expect from a doctrinaire NDPer, and tackled a harsh economic climate.

However, so long as Dion keeps his own ego out of the fray and follows the advice of his party’s experts in choosing a cabinet, this should work.

At least it will work better than the alternative, which is more of the same Harper, Flaherty, Baird and company.