Viewpoint: Are Canadians really this stupid?

Complaints that votes “didn’t count” rings hollow when all member of the proposed coalition were elected

By Frank Touby –

Are Canadians really this stupid?

My blog is getting scores of replies from voters who claim their votes don’t count because a coalition is going to replace a minority Tory government.

That’s nuts. How dumb are these people?

If you voted for Stephen Harper or Jack Layton or that doofus Stephane Dion, your vote counted because all three are in Parliament. So what’s your gripe?

If you wanted Harper as PM—destructive though that is—you needed more help from other voters. He didn’t get a majority so he has no right to insist on keeping power and you have no right to claim he’s being robbed.

Have you forgotten that every player in this silly drama was put there by Canadian voters? Or are you just ideologues who slurp up every Tory lying point the cabal of Neocon villains dreams up?


Thanks for your editorial. I agree with you 100%. A lot of Canadian did not vote for P.C. People keep forgetting that this is a “Reform Party” that has its own hidden agenda.

I am sick and tired of Stephen Harper’s lies and iron fists. I hope that the Governor General will do the right thing by allowing the Coalition to be formed. Thank you again for your viewpoint.

Sophie Kong, Maple Ridge, B.C.

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The temerity of Mr. King’s observations, so concisely asserted, grows out of the ignorance we’re all faced with, and the costs we’re expected to continue to bear. On this I couldn’t agree more.

The questions he poses, you must eventually answer for yourselves, even if you’re unable to answer him, directly. Ultimately, we’re all in this, together, and together we suffer the consequences.

Please address these plain facts. They are most relevant to the discussion, even though you don’t appear willing to be a part of it.