Very convenient untruth in an Inconvenient Truth


I am shocked and saddened to report that human caused global warming is likely a scam and that Environmental Saint Al Gore may be little more than an avaricious businessman picking as many pockets as he can. Perhaps by now you may have finally seen this story in the so-called “mainstream media.”
“Corporate media” is a better label, because some of those monster corporations that own mass media giants stand to gain from such a swindle. But they’re not quick to report on what looks like an unbelievably bold disinformation conspiracy by scientists who are taken at face value on what was called global warming and is now renamed climate change. The same criminals who shipped out US$25 trillion, give or take a few, to European and other foreign banks after draining Americans’ pockets with derivatives schemes that broke the economy and made many homeless, are back at it and they’re aiming at your pocket. And they are likely threatening Canada’s sovereignty.
The whole unsavoury business has apparently been exposed either by computer hackers or whistle blowers who entered the bastion of global warming/climate change “science” at East Anglia University in Britain and dug out emails and other disturbing proofs that you can readily see with an Internet search for “climate change scam.” You can download the 85- megabyte compressed file of all they discovered. The Wall Street Journal, among other websites, has made it available. The most damning files are already admitted by the culprits to be true.
They seem to be clear proof that compromised scientists invented man-made global warming evidence and, when it turned out that the forecasted warming wasn’t happening, they and their backers shifted to “climate change” as a catch-all label. They concealed that carbon—the elemental building block of life—isn’t much of a contributor. Financial-sector crooks who play with your deposits and premiums in the casino like “investment” markets are behind the cap-and-trade ( C & T ) plunder that would at the start give big businesses free derivative paper allowing them to emit various amounts of carbon in North America and Europe. They can sell the paper to smaller producers and ship their own carbon heavy manufacturing operations (and jobs) to less-developed countries, which are allowed to produce all the carbon they can.
So C&T is a big gift of cash to the insiders and it’s coming from you in the form of carbon taxes like those that silly professor touted to cost himself a recent federal election and the Liberal leadership: “Vote pour moi and I’ll carbon-tax you.” Compelling, eh? Sure, if you’re a dewy-eyed student who’s been force-fed Al Gore propaganda. The inconvenient truth is, according to the hacked or whistle-blown information, that human-produced carbon has nothing to do with climate change, which it seems, might even be heading us toward an era of cooler climate. Nobody really knows. The climate scientists, whose emails and research was disclosed for all to see, show that they tried to conceal information that contradicted their positions on warming and made efforts to punish and discredit colleagues who disagreed with their “findings.” The actual results of their research were tweaked to support a speculative theory of carbon threat to earth when there apparently isn’t one and they seemingly knew it.
So human-controlled sustainability of the planet isn’t an issue unless it’s in the less-lucrative arena of combating pollution. While human beings can certainly pollute the planet in many ways, there’s no consensus on how to do something truly useful in combating that. It’s just not sexy enough and there’s no money in it for the schemers. Money that could and should be spent creating jobs for work crews to reverse pollution of our oceans, fields, streams and mountains is handed over to financial “industry” plotters who produce nothing but paper and wealth for multinationals and their controlling elites. Money that should be spent creating jobs at recycling and remediation operations— something truly meritorious and sustainable as an industry—instead goes to impoverish the middle class. Whether oil is running out or not, the fact is that alcohol is well-known as a clean burning, higher octane motor fuel that can be made from non-food plants and inedible parts of food crops.
Yet industry cynically uses corn, a food crop, to produce methanol to slightly dilute gasoline for motor vehicles. Some peoples suffer food shortages that are made even more acute by industry committing a portion of corn crops and food cropland to alcohol production. They do because it takes big operations, like Alberta’s land-killing tar sands or mountain-demolishing coal mining in the U.S. , to deal with oil and gas production, while alcohol can be produced by many small local operations. Where are the profits for Big Business in that scenario? From the Copenhagen confab we’ll be hearing talk of “global governance” to “save the planet.” Shave the planet is more like it. These tax protocols are aimed at subjecting our nation to the orders of a super-dictatorial agency like the European Union.
Canada is already on the list to possibly merge with corrupt, third-world Mexico as part of a North American Union that includes the U.S. Sounds warm and cozy, doesn’t it? Watch your jobs vanish faster and your wages sag in this contrived, politically correct propaganda campaign to save the planet by losing our country. While we’re on the subject of tax scams let’s look at the Harmful Sales Tax poor dumb Dalton was tricked into sponsoring by Tory villain Jim Flaherty. It started in 1991 as a grab by the Rightly Despised Brian Mulroney, who imposed the Tory Tax Curse (GST) on Canadians, who later drove him from office in 1993. The job-creation baloney Mulroney spewed was that GST helped our manufacturers export. Then he went about signing free-trade deals that killed our manufacturing industries. Like all sales taxes, GST punishes the poor and middle classes to help corporations.
The HST will go a giant step farther and whack all consumers in Ontario, but hurt the poorest the greatest. To make things even more idiotic, Dalton has made Tory bad-guy Tim Hudak look like a consumer advocate in opposing the Tory initiated HST. The provincial Grits deserve to lose power, but not to get the Mike Harris swineherd on our backs again. The sad truth is that “inconvenient truths” may instead be convenient untruths driven by hidden agendas.