Venting on the ‘Boob Tube’

Aloof Toronto Hydro asked no one and just slapped this thing at Berczy Park

By Mike Comstock –

Vent tube inspires a vent of rage

Vent tube inspires a vent of rage

The childlike painted Boob Tube was place beside the Flatiron building by Toronto Hydro months ago, as a temporary measure.

No consultation was made with anyone in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood or the councilor’s office for this implant that sticks up on Front St. E. at Berczy Park.

It’s a ventilation tube to an area of the huge tunnel that’s being dug from a Frederick Street stepdown station to a John Street hydro facility.

The BIA asked if Toronto Hydro could improve the ugly loose fencing which sticks into the roadway, along with uneven pavement and very large sign.

It was told consider its members lucky there isn’t a big ditch. The BIA also learned completion of streetscape improvements and the Boob Tube are awaiting mighty Toronto Hydro’s large pouring of concrete down the hole sometime “in the fall.” Hope they don’t screw up the Santa Claus Parade.