Utsav Indian Cuisine

By Annabelle Goodman –

69 Yorkville Ave.
416 961 8349

I adore Indian food. The aroma is captivating. The taste is magnificent. I love the blending of herbs and spices to produce flavors that are exotic and so satisfying.

I hadn’t seen my good friend E for many moons. We had so much to discuss. I love dining with her. We share a delight in enjoying gourmet food. We have so many laughs and the conversation is always stimulating. I truly value her friendship. She actually ate at Utsav the night before and loved it so much she wanted to return. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I remembered my former positive experience at this fantastic restaurant. It is a small and busy spot in the middle of Yorkville. We were so warmly received. We were both starving and were in the mood to have a lengthy dining experience.

Suresh is the owner and manager of this favorite spot. He is so charming and willing to answer any of our questions. He added to the charm of this trendy charming spot.

We over ordered and over ate but kept taking more helpings because the food was so superb. We started with an appetizer of Fish Tika. Cubes of marinated salmon are grilled to perfection. The salmon was flavorful and moist. The sauces served on the side were so flavorful. We devoured this dish with much enjoyment.

My favorite Indian dish is always Sag Paneer. Chunks of freshly home made cheese are smothered in seasoned tempered spinach. It is creamy and the flavor bursts on the palate. The Prawn Biryani was prepared with basmati rice flavored with saffron and cooked with marinated shrimps, nuts and spices on a slow fire. The giant shrimp were moist and flavorful. The rice was exquisite.

We also ordered Baingan Ka Bartha. I adore eggplant and will eat it in any fashion. Roasted eggplant is seasoned with herbs and spices sautéed with onions. Delicious.

I’m so glad we planned to walk home. It was a chance to work off this very special dinner.

I always have a great time with my friend E. This time it was all the more special due to the exotic flavors of every bite.

The prices are economical. It is fun to share many dishes. The service is so welcoming. The food is outstanding.