Toxic Trains run through Downsview….

Five years after a huge explosion occurred at Sunrise Propane on Murray Road in Downsview, some residents are now concerned abut dangerous “toxic” train traffic.

After learning that the train involved in the tragic event in Lac-Mégantic traveled through Toronto, local Downsview resident, Anthony Fernando contacted CN Rail to learn more about what travels along the rail path that goes through Downsview Park and close to Murray Road. CN staff have confirmed that in addition to the Barrie GoTrain, a range of goods travels on the line, including dangerous and toxic substances. Jim Feeny, Director, CN Public & Government Affairs confirmed that about 10% of the traffic along the Downsview line is classified as “dangerous goods”. This 10% category includes substances such as crude oil, chemicals and other dangerous goods.

A community meeting has been organized at the Downsview Library, 2793 Keele Street (tomorrow) Saturday August 10th from 9:00am -10:00am.

For more information, contact Anthony Fernando, cell:416-559-1269,