Tory nutcase is unable to grasp economics and blames others

Jane-McKenna-FI-FIWhile free trade continues to drain Canada of jobs shipped to the U.S. south and to Mexico, Tory corporatists are blaming the Ontario Grits and Dippers for jobs being drained from the province.

“Ontario can be a place where people are working and businesses are creating jobs. But it won’t happen with the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals and NDP at the helm,” said Burlington MPP Jane McKenna, the Ontario PC Economic Development, Trade and Employment Critic who understands economics as well as she understands precision welding.

The news release says: “McKenna’s comments follow the news that Ontario’s unemployment rate has risen yet again to 7%, while noting that December marks the 84th consecutive month or seven years that Ontario’s unemployment rate sits well above the national average (7.2%).

“December should be a joyful month for families as they come together to celebrate the holidays. But for an additional 39,000 Ontario families, they were left wondering how they were going to keep the lights on and afford presents for their children,” said McKenna.

“This is the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals’ legacy. Month after month, companies are choosing to leave the province because they can no longer afford to do business in Ontario. From high hydro rates to the growing deficit, Kathleen Wynne has not given companies the confidence to invest in Ontario,” says this silly Tim Hudac follower. But she doesn’t say those jobs have moved out of Canada altogether and not to another province.

Yet from her portfolio you’d expect her to know better. Plainly the Hudak Tories are having problems with their coterie of replacement yokels for the portion of the former Mike Harris swineherd who moved east to torment us from Ottawa.

McKenna rattles on: “We do not have to settle for the job losses and a rising unemployment rate that Ontario has grown accustomed too (sic). Ontario can do better. A PC government will lower taxes, make energy rates more affordable and reduce the red-tape burden that keeps companies from hiring our hard-working men and women,” concluded McKenna. “It’s time to get Ontario back on the right track and change the team that leads this province.”

She’s right about changing the team that leads this province, of course. But neither she nor her companions are the alternative.

—   Frank Touby