Toronto Waterfront questions for John Tory as mayor

Brian Iler —

We at CommunityAIR have been mystified by John Tory’s silence on his vision for our Waterfront.

The choices are actually quite stark: continue the magnificent work of Waterfront Toronto, or allow a noisy filthy industrial use to overwhelm our city’s prime recreational preserve.

Which is it, Mr. Tory?

It’s certainly not enough to hide behind the need for more studies, when the absence of any studies whatsoever is the hallmark of his “SmartTrack” proposal.

He’s even avoiding admitting the clear conflict of interest his son has placed him in – see this Star story today.

Do we want a mayor who is unable to provide any leadership on this critical issue?

Here are some questions we’d like to see Mr Tory answer:

But the Toronto Port Authority refuses to agree to caps.

Shouldn’t be that be the end of the matter?

  • Infrastructure improvements to address the current traffic mess caused by the Island airport, let alone any expansion, are significant.

The TPA states it is not in a position to commit to funding what it terms “major city-side infrastructure projects”. In fact, it’s not clear where it might even find funding for the proposed runway extensions.

How would you fund those improvements that are necessary now, let alone those made necessary if jets are permitted ?

What other city projects would suffer as a result?

  • Has Porter CEO Robert Deluce or any members of his family, or members of the Toronto Port Authority board of directors [they’re mostly Conservatives, like you] contributed to your campaign?

Will you disclose those contributions before the election so that voters can see where your financial support came from?

  • We understand Robert Deluce has been briefing selected candidates in this election.

Have you met with him?

What did he ask of you?