Toronto less trashy in 2006

The State of Michigan today released their 2006 annual summary of waste from Canada. Overall, tonnage has increased from 5.6 million tonnes to 5.7 million tonnes. This includes all municipal and industrial/commercial waste from across Ontario.

It is important to note, however, that waste exclusively from the City of Toronto has decreased over the same period – and for the fourth consecutive year. In 2005 the City shipped 881,000 tonnes of waste to Michigan. In 2006, tonnage was down to 818,500 tonnes.

As a percentage, the City of Toronto was responsible for 15.7% of all waste shipments in 2005, and 14.3% in 2006. The City’s reductions are due to increased waste diversion by residents, as well as the end of biosolids shipments that took effect on August 1 last year.