Toronto 2015 to have huge cultural impact

Toronto’s World Expo will take place over a six-month period, but its impact on culture will be felt years before and long after the event.

“Cultural events will be featured in the city and across the GTA well in advance of 2015,” said mayor David Miller. “They will be an important part of the build up to the actual exposition.”

The mayor emphasized the importance of culture to Toronto’s Expo bid.

“One of our city’s greatest strengths as a candidate for Expo 2015 is our capacity to create and offer world-class cultural activities,” he said. “Expo will be a unique opportunity to showcase Canadian talent to the world.”

The World Expo will offer an enormous range of cultural programming. It will include a world cultural program, a variety of Canadian cultural events, a community arts program, and fireworks displays. Special days will be set aside to focus on the cultures of individual countries, and a speakers’ series will highlight international thinkers and scientific leaders.

“Expo 2015 will be much more than just a Toronto event,” the mayor said. “Ontarians and all Canadians will see it as a true partnership.”

“Expo will be a unique opportunity to showcase Canadian talent to the world.”

Cultural Legacy

With Expo still nine years away, cultural programming is in its embryonic stage. Early plans indicate that the global event could leave a legacy that includes:

  • A World Museum of Aboriginal Art
  • An Imagination Centre for Creative Cities
  • A permanent Waterfront home for Humanitas, a new initiative that tells the Toronto story
  • Dozens of new public artworks
  • A new body of Canadian plays, concerts, visual art and dancework commissioned specially for Expo

Important Dates

September 25-27: Expo 2015 staff report on financing and governance goes to City Council.
November 3: Deadline for submitting official bid letter to the BIE.

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