Tips to achieve more happiness this holiday season

According to a poll (via Angus Reid Institute), 18% of Canadians said they were “not too happy” and only 1 in 6 were satisfied with their level of stress. And with the holiday season almost upon us, with it comes, for many people, a heightened feeling of stress from what is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year.”

So often we focus and obsess over giving the perfect gift, playing the perfect host, or making the most perfect holiday dinner – things we believe will make us happy. We reflect and dwell on resentments and on the people and things that frustrated or angered us during the year. We are often consumed by pettiness and completely miss that a new year and a new start lies ahead of us. We all need guidance to develop the tools to appreciate our true gifts this holiday season.

Enter: Charles G. Hanna, highly successful Canadian CEO, philanthropist and author of the new book, Higher: Awaken to a More Fulfilling Life. Through his firsthand experience and decades-long research of human nature, neuroscience, and life management, Charles, for the first time, is revealing his practical and achievable techniques, tips and tools so that everyone can find holiday cheer this year.

Eye-opening and insightful, Charles is available to discuss:

  • Tips to get a head start and not let the stress of the holidays creep up on you this year  
  • Simple exercises anyone can do to help centre themselves and get into the true holiday spirit  
  • Perception Disorder: What it is and signs you may be suffering from it this holiday season
  • Reaching a Higher State: What this means, and his top techniques that anyone can apply to get there
  • Why he believes happiness is a way of thinking and not the result of great achievement
  • And much more!

— Erin MacDonald-Birnbaum

Charles G. Hanna is the Chairman, CEO, and founder of a third-party technology provider that he began in a basement in 1979 and built into a leading service consolidation company with offices across Canada. A devoted father of three children, Hanna is involved with a range of charities, including organizations that help with cancer treatment, Canadian artists, and displaced and handicapped people. He has a particular soft spot for children and animals, and contributes his personal time in various ways to youth shelter homes and animal shelter groups. He divides his time between Toronto and Los Angeles.

Connect with Charles on and on Twitter, @hanna_higher.

Higher: Awaken to a More Fulfilling Life is available from Amazon and most major booksellers.