Three tech devices designed to make outdoor living more relaxing, courtesy of the Gadget Zone

By James Careless –

Does the WiFi on your laptop keep losing its connection? Then consider getting a Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 from the C. Crane Company. Designed to connect to 1-2 USB ports (2 will give you extra signal strength) and capable of supporting the 802.11B/G/Ns standards (speeds up to 150Mbps), the Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 will improve your WiFi connection. “While testing it in our small town of Fortuna, California, we were able to see more than 25 different wireless networks and even connect to one over a mile away! Normally, we could only see about 6 networks within range,” says “In further tests we were able to connect to a small wireless router from over 100 yards away, keeping 80% signal strength through several walls and obstructions.” This antenna can be used at home, in RVs or tents, or outdoors on the patio.

There’s nothing like lying in the sun and playing with your iPhone … unless you have big fingers and find it hard to type on that little screen. Fortunately, the Freedom i-Connex keyboard can come to your rescue. This is a folding QWERTY keyboard with decent-sized keys. The i-Connex uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod. It can also connect to devices with HID support, such as Windows Mobile 6.5 devices, Samsung Galaxy S/Tabs, netbooks, and Playstation 3s. The battery-powered i-Connex stores away in a low-profile storage case, and even has a stand for supporting an iPhone or iPod so it can serve as a stand-alone monitor. Find it at

Finally, if you want the coldest possible drinks, try using ice straws. That’s right: You can make straws out of ice – or to be specific, you can freeze ice into usable drinking straws. Available at ThinkGeek, the ice straw freezing mold is made of food-grade silicone rubber. It will quickly make six 8-inch straws in your home freezer! “We don’t have to remind you, dear fans of chemistry, that alcohol doesn’t freeze too well,” cautions “We recommend water or juices to make the best frozen straws. Pop them out of the mold and into your drink and you’ll have the coolest biodegradable straw on the block.” ‘Nuff said!