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The Gadget Zone

With winter’s chill setting in, it’s time to warm up with some hot tech

By James Careless –

Do you want a super-thin mobile phone that has a super-fast 4G connection, big screen, and roomy slide-out QWERTY keyboard? Then consider the Motorola XT860 4G from Bell Mobility. Running on Android 2.3 technology, the Motorola XT860 4G has a permanent number row on the top of the thin QWERTY keypad. Imagine that! The powerhouse XT860 is equipped with dual-core 1 GHz processor that lets you run apps, stream media, talk, email and surf the web all at the same time – plus a 4″ touchscreen. $99.95 on a three-year term at

Here’s a novel concept: A small, highly portable AM/FM radio with sound quality normally found in receivers four times its size. Well, the radioheads at C Crane Company have achieved this with their new CC Gozo high fidelity radio. Equipped with an input jack for audio devices (such as an iPhone), the CC Gozo’s clear, full sound has to heard to be believed: It is truly that good. Yet this radio is a study in simplicity with its matte black case, simple large tuning dial, three small knobs and adjustable handle/backstand. The CC Gozo is US$109.95 at – and worth every penny.

Need sci-fi TV series tech toys? Check out For Dr. Who fans, ThinkGeek has various Sonic Screwdrivers (depending on the Dr. Who series), TARDIS USB hubs, toys and cookie jars; windup and desktop Daleks, and The Master’s pocket watch. They also have lots of Star Trek gear: My favourite is the red shirt from the original TV series (remember how the red-shirted guys always die?) marked with the word ‘Expendable’ in authentic Star Trek font. ThinkGeek has lots of useful stuff as well, such as USB foam rocket launchers for terrorizing the person in the cubicle next to you; sunglasses with a hidden video camera/recorder built in, and bacon-scented soap; for people who can’t get enough bacony goodness in their lives.