The Roxton

Annabelle Goodman —

379 Harbord St            416 535 8181

The secret is now out. This charming little café is great. The neighbors certainly know. I used to live on Roxton Ave and there was no sign of gourmet restaurants anywhere. One day I was driving along Harbord and noticed the restaurant with a busy occupied patio. Of course I had to try it. This was my second visit to this restaurant that used to be an old house. The front of the house still exists on Roxton Rd. The patio is delightful. The inside is on 2 levels. We found the decoration minimalist but charming. The five lighting fixtures were amusing. A candelabrum hangs alongside different lighting fixtures from different times. It works. The kitchen is actually part of the front of the restaurant. Amazing food comes from this little kitchen. Congratulations to proprietor Becky Gerson for her daring move to this establishment. Three friends were dining and we all agreed it was delightful to have a new dining experience. We were not disappointed. We found it all totally affordable. The food was amazing.

It is not a lengthy menu but there were so many choices. We shared a Beet Salad with Goat cheese. The arugula was fresh and tasty. The beet pieces were pickled. A smattering of goat cheese and light vinaigrette made for a delightfully tasty beginning. You can add a piece of grilled salmon or an egg for a small extra fee.

One friend ordered Grilled Ribs. I heard her ask for 1 rib. A large portion of several bones arrived. It was meaty and flavorful. The order came on a wooden plank. So attractive! The BBQ sauce was a little spicy and added to the flavor. A small dish of mashed potatoes was on the side.

The Mussels were declared to be a winner. They were in a flavorful tomato sauce and apparently a dining pleasure. The small size portion was adequate for a dinner.

The Wild Salmon presentation was delightful. The taste was superb. A perfectly prepared piece of salmon was placed on several roasted vegetables. The small carrots were cooked as I like them. They were still crunchy. Sliced Brussels sprouts were on top of the salmon. It looked good. The taste was great.

We noticed several plates of the Roxton Beef Hamburgers being delivered to the patio. Did they ever look scrumptious! The Roxton Veggie Burger is also popular. No wonder. It is served with jerk aioli or mayo.  We all commented on the Eggplant Cannelloni. Ricotta cheese with mushrooms and herbs is rolled in a grilled eggplant slice and served with a tomato sauce. I can almost taste it. Eggplant is always a favorite of mine. A very reliable source has told me the Chef’s House-made Gnocchi are the best in town. Our lovely server told us ricotta cheese is used instead of potato to make them lighter. Another reason to return to The Roxton.

This restaurant is obviously known in the area but until now has been a secret to the wider community. I usually keep secrets but this one has to be shared. It deserves attention. We loved the informality. There is care given in preparing and presenting the food.