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Facebook led me to the truth about GMOs

How could I have been so misled about so much for so many years? I’ve been obsessed with good health and nutrition since I was a teenager. As a young mom, I did everything possible to ensure my kids’ good ...

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Monsanto, Syngenta takeover of poor African farmers

Tanzanian farmers are facing heavy prison sentences if they continue their traditional seed exchange In order to receive development assistance, Tanzania has to give Western agribusiness full freedom and give enclosed protection for patented seeds. “Eighty percent of the seeds ...

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Obama a villain in the righteous war against GMO

Jeffrey Smith — As you may know by now, US Congress passed legislation (S.764) that wipes out Vermont’s excellent GMO labeling law and substitutes a fake national GMO labeling regime. President Obama signed the bill into law Friday, July 29th. ...

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