Sushi Inn

By Annabelle Goodman –

Sushi Inn
120  Cumberland St
416 923 9992

I was going to a movie with my new neighbor. She suggested we have lunch before the film at her favorite restaurant in Yorkville. No wonder this is a favorite of the whole neighborhood. She warned me that it would be busy with a positive spirit. How true. The location is ideal. It is situated across from the park on Cumberland St. We had a window seat and could watch the passing crowd in Yorkville. Watching the patrons enjoy the fabulous Japanese food was also a fun activity. The portions are enormous. The food was delicious and the price beyond reasonable. What a find!

I wasn’t able to finish half of my portion. There was enough food for 2 people. The Tempura Udon is a feast.($7.95) The soup was flavorful. The bowl was large and filled with oodles of noodles and vegetables. In addition, a large plate with 2 shrimp tempura and 4 vegetable tempura was placed before me. Each piece was so large. Everything was very tasty. Would you believe a salad also came with this exquisite dish?

My friend was very knowledgeable about the menu and immediately ordered her favorite Sushi. The Sushi Appetizer is presented with tuna, salmon, crab, clam and shrimp.($7.95) the Sushi Inn Roll offers 8 pieces of eel, avocado, cucumber, salmon skin and tobiko

The Sashimi Combos include Miso soup, salad and rice. The Silver Sashimi is a plate of 3pieces each of tuna, salmon, tai and hokkigai.($11.95)

The menu is extensive. A Salad for lunch can be sufficient. The Avocado Salad is offered at $3.95. Seafood Salad is composed of crab, octopus, salmon and tobiko.($5.95) Appetizers can be ordered for lighter fare or as a prelude to a larger meal. It is also fun to share an assortment of appetizers. Hotate Butter Taki is a pan fried scallop with garlic butter.($7.75) Mix Mushroom Butter Yaki offers pan fried mixed mushrooms with garlic butter.(8.95)

Many of the patrons were enjoying the Bento Box served with Miso soup. The Silver Box is comprised of vegetable tempura, deep fried tofu, steamed rice and 6 pieces of box maki.($9.50)

I have already chosen my dish for the next visit. Salmon Teriyaki is served with Miso soup, salad and steamed rice.($11.95)

The service was so attentive and friendly. This is a great place to dine in a small or large group. It is great to share an assortment or to dine solo in gourmet luxury. It is so affordable and the location is very central. The menu is extensive. The only problem is in choosing what delectable dish you want.

It may have been my first visit but not the last one.