Sultan of Samosas at Parliament & Oak streets is a culinary delight

Linda Ruddy —

Voted the best Samosas in town, Sultan of Samosas is leading the way creating new varieties of Samosas to satisfy both sweet and savoury taste buds for their customers.


Samosas, a delightful, tasty meal on their own, or as an accompaniment to other foods, are now also available as a dessert.   Apple Pie and Coconut Delight have been added to the wide range of vegetable and meat Samosas already available.  Customers now have twelve Samosa varieties to select from as well as the recent popular addition of four types of savoury fritters.

Since 1996, with humble beginnings as a home-based pilot project and a single goal to produce a high quality Samosa , this food innovation and marketing company has come a long way.  One of the key aspects of biting into a high quality Samosa is the crispiness and texture of the pastry.  Years of research and development culminated in a special process for pastry making that has been patented in Canada. Quality checks are performed on a regular basis to ensure just the right thickness is achieved for the perfect balance of pastry and filling.

Sultan of Samosas is a supporter of local suppliers for fresh produce and meats.  Fillings, similar to the pastry, took years to develop and with creativity and flare for finding just the right blend of foods, herbs and spices, several varieties were developed.  Each and every Samosa is hand-crafted with care by loyal staff who pay special attention to ensure both the pastry and fillings represent the high quality this company’s brand stands for as they delicately form and fill the pastry triangle that Samosas are known for.

From the start, Sultan of Samosas has had a strong sense of community and has been active in local initiatives for charities and fund-raisers, especially for causes near and dear to their vision such as seniors and youth care, education, culture and history, poverty alleviation and many others.

Their newest location at 1 Oak Street, Toronto is being designed as a signature retail outlet to be modeled in future plans.  Recent developments include indoor seating and a luncheon catering menu with delivery available.  They are excited to be part of a changing and growing community while offering a taste of traditional heritage with their classic Samosas.