CigsStudents, gotta love ‘em!

For two years there have been many visitors and dogs at Sherbourne Common together with the entire group of working people in the Corus building.

In the hot summer of 2011 dogs and small children were delightfully wading in the man made concrete canal that runs from Lakeshore Boulevard interrupted by Queen’s Quay and continuing on into Lake Ontario. You could even see the odd homeless person have a much needed and welcomed bath in it.

It was serene, pristine and a beautiful,restful experience.

Until now.

George Brown’s new waterfront campus opened this September bringing, of course, students.  Students are messy and worse, they are messy smokers. The grounds are littered, littered with cigarette butts. Add a comb, gum, kleenex. Twice there were entire wrappings, bag, wax paper, cup just teetering on the water’s edge, wavering in the breeze ready to jump in to Lake Ontario.

These young people, and they are very friendly and open, are slobs. The standard of behaviour has to be much higher.

We’d love to hear your comments on this students. What do you think?

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