Staged vehicle thefts steal from honest drivers

Do you think staging the theft of one’s vehicle is an easy way to make money?

There are many stories. Each one more devious than the last. And each one represents another example of honest drivers being ripped off.

Staged vehicle thefts is one of the most common auto insurance frauds among several that add up to $1 billion in fraud costs across Canada each year.

Recently, a man reported that his pickup truck had been stolen. He filed a claim and was paid. Then a tip came in – the pickup truck was never stolen and was actually sitting in a nearby storage facility. The man was charged, convicted, ordered to pay restitution and sentenced to time in jail, followed by probation.

vehicle-theft-fiIn another case, a man reported his pickup truck stolen and several expensive items in the truck were missing. The police found the truck abandoned days later, vandalized, the key snapped off in the ignition and no sign of forced entry. The man was charged with fraud, public mischief and perjury.

One of the main reasons auto insurance premiums are so high in Ontario, and specifically in the Greater Toronto Area, is due to fraud involving staged vehicle thefts. When insurance companies like Aviva Canada pay out claims for staged vehicle thefts, the cost is passed onto consumers as higher premiums.

Aviva Canada believes that the more fraudsters are exposed and lawfully charged, the more we will see a decline in fraudulent activity.

Aviva takes a zero tolerance approach to fraud to protect our honest customers. Those found to have committed insurance fraud will have their policy cancelled and may face criminal charges.

A recent survey from the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) found that 69 per cent of respondents believe there is fraud in the Ontario auto system.At Aviva, we feel it’s time to shed light on the impact of fraud on the premiums paid by you, the consumer.

Aviva has stepped up its tough approach to tackling fraud with more dedicated resources and an investment in technology that aims to identify fraud and even anticipate the potential for fraud before it happens.

As a result, we are well positioned to combat fraud more effectively than ever before by hunting down fraudsters and scam artists to reduce the cost burden these crimes place on honest drivers.

We need your help. Please assist us in our efforts to expose these fraudsters.

Report suspected fraud to Aviva Canada’s Fraud Information Centre, open 24/7, by calling 1-855-332-5255 or emailing For more information visit us at