SLNA sees community take active role in learning the process

Siobhan Geary –

Tired of feeling caught off guard by local development proposals, the St. Lawrence Neighborhood Association (SLNA) continued to take an active interest in learning about the City’s growth and development.

A detailed presentation by urban planners Tom Rees and Henry Tang demystified the developers’ pre-application process at the April 27th SLNA meeting.

Many community members felt that learning about this process will empower them to better keep abreast of the many current and future developments and participate in a more informed and effective way.

“In February, we were talking about a particular development and somebody said, ‘just walk us through the process,’” said SNLA president Suzanne Kavanagh, “The community is already very involved. They just want to know more about the process.”

Future SLNA meetings may include presentations from the Human Rights Commission, the Transportation Department and the Parks Department.