Slavery ignored by our governments

Slavery ignored by our governments

The reactionary right, which includes the current band in Ottawa under Stephen Harper, tout the notion that government is the problem not the solution. And in their case they ensure that’s perfectly true.

For example, Harper wants to focus on adding police, building more prisons and imprisoning non-violent offenders convicted of violating ridiculous drug laws that should be eased.

And the last thing his Tories seem to be interested in doing is ending the real horrors of human trafficking, slavery and child prostitution that happen all across the nation. The victims are moved from province to province by brutal pimps.

Some are captured by pimps who pick up runaway children and induct them into the sordid enslavement. Others are recruited from overseas on false promises of legitimate jobs. It’s an atrocity that should bring a concerted law-enforcement response to end this plague, but nothing of substance is happening.

The Toronto Sun has published scores of articles detailing the horrors of this nightmare racket, many written by Tamara Cherry, but Ottawa wants to focus on pot busts and Toronto cops raid a medical marijuana facility for the second time because of a complaint by a property owner next door who’s trying to rent a vacant space and thinks the smell of pot makes that less likely.

Yes, government is the problem. But that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Government should be the source of solutions. Who else can be?