Shopsy’s restos had no Listeria-tainted meats

Tainted meats weren’t produced by Shopsy’s or sold in its restaurants

By Frank Touby –

shopsys1No listeriosis-contaminated meats are or have been served at Shopsy’s Restaurants, says owner Gavin Quinn. “We share a brand with Maple Leaf Meats,” Quinn says, “but our restaurants serve meats from another supplier.”

By “sharing a brand,” Quinn means that Maple Leaf produces products under the Shopsy’s label, such as hot dogs and deli specialties, that are sold in retail outlets such as Shopper’s Drug Mart, but not in Shopsy’s restaurants.

The recall of products bearing the Shopsy’s brand occurred only in the retail outlets.

“It’s a terrible thing that people have become ill and some have died,” Quinn said. “I know that Maple Leaf will correct the problem. But it has nothing to do with Shopsy’s Restaurants.”