Secret Behind How Chiropractors Treat Back Pain

Chiropractic practice refers to health care profession that offers treatments without surgeries. The main focuses of chiropractors are the spine, the nervous system and muscular function of our bodies. Being that they are concentrated on our spine, they can do wonders with neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, both the upper and the lower parts of the back and they can get us up and running in no time.

The basis of the chiropractic practice is the hands on spinal manipulation. It affects the entire spine, all the muscles surrounding it, your neck and your joints. Every chiropractic practice in the United States, including the Chiropractor in Eugene Oregon, offers this basic treatment to their patients.

The manipulation or in simpler words the adjustment of the spine is the trick that every chiropractic experts has to perfect in order to help his patient the best way possible. The approach is not easy. The biggest problem with this treatment is that it is a hands-on approach which makes for the skill slightly hard to be learned quickly. However in time and with good training, the correct manner of performing the treatment can be learned, with a lot of effort included as well.
When you go in for your first examination, here is what you can expect from an expertly trained chiropractor. The examination should last from 30 to 60 minutes. This means that the examination must be detailed. You should be honest and direct on whether there where some previous injuries, when was the first time you felt pain, and you should be able to describe the pain sensation.

They will also ask you about your lifestyle, your daily routines and habits. It may not seem of great importance to you, but a good chiropractor will take all of these factors into consideration in order to give the best treatment and advice as possible.

You will experience either some form of adjustment for your back pain or mobilization, depending on the state you are in and the help that you are in need of. With spinal manipulation you will go through a high-velocity, short lever arm thrust. The thrust is applied to the point where you are experiencing pain.

They know what they are doing. Spinal manipulation is the secret of a good chiropractor. All you need to do is simply lie down, relax and trust you chiropractor will relieve you of your pain.