Review of La Vecchia Ristorante on Yonge St.

Annabelle Goodman –

Thank you La Vecchia for a perfect summer day’s lunch. I wish I could remember who recommended this restaurant. I would send them a bottle of champagne. My dining companion, a very dear friend, lives in the northern part of the city. I live downtown. This was a wonderful compromise. There were a lot of guests but it was quiet and welcoming. Our server, Alex, was superb. He was friendly but never ‘overdoing it’. He was accommodating and efficient and helped make the dining experience very positive.

I always like to look to see what the other guests are enjoying. The Pizza at the far end of the room looked so inviting. The crust was thin and the portion perfect for a lunch treat. There are several pizza choices on the menu. I watched a couple devouring their bowl of Pasta. It looked very tempting. Once again there were many choices of pasta type as well as a variety of sauces. Several large Sandwiches were being heartily enjoyed

The Lunch Special Menu offered many delectable choices. On this day a Bufala Caprese Salad was the specialty. That is always a good choice in the summer months. The Pasta special was my favorite. Linguini with Shrimp was served in a light spicy tomato sauce. That was a difficult choice to make. Risotto of the Day included spicy sausage and spinach in a light tomato sauce. Braised Short Ribs in a thyme jus with potatoes was the perfect offering for the hungry guest. We both opted for the Pesce of the Day. Grilled Salmon in a lemon garlic sauce with capers was served with a mixed green salad with tomato and balsamic vinegar. We politely requested that our salmon not be overcooked. Alex listened to us and the masterful chef executed a perfect portion of salmon. It had grill marks on top and was moist and flavorful. The sauce was delightful and the salad refreshing and delicious. We were both totally satisfied.

We even indulged in the bread with olive oil. We were out for a special treat and were not going to miss anything. We both value this friendship and always enjoy our outings together. Of course we were full and didn’t need a dessert. That didn’t stop us. The Tiramisu was exquisite. A very large portion was a work of creativity. It was topped with mint leaves. Oh my! We did enjoy it all.

A good cup of Macchiato and Americano and we were two very satisfied clients. The manager, Pawel Nurzynski, dropped by to see if all was well. We loved the friendly service. It was never overdone but enough to make us feel welcome. Every bite was perfection.

We think it might have been a wedding party enjoying a large table at the back. We didn’t want to be intrusive but sent them a mind message of good wishes. There was a family sitting on the patio in front. This restaurant speaks to everyone. I can’t wait to return for a dinner. I liked the menu. I really enjoyed the food. Needless to say the company was first rate. That says it all. Thank you La Vecchia.