Review of Jacques Bistro du Parc

Annabelle Goodman —

How is it possible that Jacques is still in that tiny kitchen cooking lunches and dinners every day? It has been over 30 years since my family and I started going to this favored Yorkville area restaurant. It used to be called Jacques Omelettes. When the large artistic stone arrived in the park across the road, the name changed. The flavors and the perfection of the food have never changed. I asked Martine how she manages to stay so fresh and youthful. She, efficiently, runs the front of the house. Jacques cooks each dish to perfection. He always has time to wave. I have never had a faulty meal. I have dined here for lunch and dinner for over 30 years. This is authentic French food. The servers are only too happy to speak with you in French. My son and daughter-in-law are going to Provence for a month this summer. They are studying French and wanted an authentic dining experience and an opportunity to practice the language.

The Soupe a l’oignon Gratinee is the finest. The cheese on top is gooey. The broth is flavorful. It is rich and filling. My family was also tempted with the Asparagus Puree Soup. Vichyssoise is always listed on the menu as a cold delightful beginning.

The Salade Nicoise is definitely the best in town. I love that wonderful sauce with the tarragon flavor. Cubes of potatoes, eggs, anchovies, green beans, tomatoes lettuce and olives are topped with a perfectly poached slice of salmon. Everything is fresh and tasty. It was a most generous portion. Jacques cooks his salmon to perfection. Saumon Frais de l’Atlantique au Basilic offers a portion of poached salmon with basil butter sauce. The Plat du Jour and the Quiche du Jour are listed on the blackboard mounted on the wall. The Entrecote Maitre d’hotel was a 7 oz New York cut with vegetables and home fries. My daughter-in-law declares this as the finest dish.

A whole page is devoted to the excellent Omelettes. They are superb. I prefer the Nicoise Omelette with tomatoes, cheese, onions, green peppers and eggplants. On this occasion my son enjoyed the Chasseur cooked with chicken livers and mushrooms. We saw some friends at the restaurant. They confirmed that this omelette is always the preferred choice for lunch. Gourmande is prepared with smoked salmon, sour cream and chives.

Dessert is a must in this perfect little French treasure. We opted for my favorite Tarte de Limon. The flavors burst on the palate. The crust was thin and rich tasting. There was almost a family feud as my family tried to persuade me to have their favorite Gateau Saint Honore or the Chocolate Mousse. It is all outstanding and even made in-house.

A gold star to Jacques for continuing to cook outstanding meals. Thank you to Martine for making all your guests feel valued. The food is amazing and never fails. I hope you continue for the next 30 years.