Review of Caplansky’s restaurant on College St.

Annabelle Goodman —

Zane Caplansky is quite an entrepreneur about town. The menu states that five generations of his family have lived in Toronto. All the food is made from scratch just as he learned in his grandmother’s kitchen. His mother used to make corned beef sandwiches and sell them to the workers at her shop on Spadina near Kensington Market. Zane loves his work and claims the deli business is in his blood.

It was refreshing to visit Caplansky’s when it first opened. It was a new deli in a city that seemed to have a declining number of old delis. It wasn’t long until the name Caplansky’s was seen on a large truck driving throughout the city. Parties are catered from this truck. Street trucks now sell the famous deli sandwiches on the street. Even the airport features a Caplansky boutique restaurant. Welcome to the glitz of Yorkville and a new deli in this fancy area. I congratulate Zane Caplansky on his energy, chutzpah and great business sense. Best of all the food is good. On this sunny afternoon the patio was filled. You could smell the aroma of the Corned Beef Sandwiches and the Kishka. It was obvious that many old timers were having a great time reminiscing the past with foods that have a history in this city.

It was too hot for my favorite soup Chicken Soup with Matzah Balls. Caplansky claims it is even better than your bubbe’s. (grandmother) Cabbage Borscht and Split Pea also will bring back memories of a good kosher kitchen. I can’t imagine going to a deli for a Salad but if you choose a lighter meal the Greek or Caesar are freshly prepared.

Creative Sandwiches are the specialty. It was fun to watch them being served at almost every table. They were huge. Many guests took home ‘doggy bags’. The Honest Lawyer offers smoked turkey, kishke, gravy and cranberry sauce served open faced on challah.  Fries are on the side. Fat Sam’s Grand Slam offers a selection of deli meats piled high on double rye.

I was delighted to see the All Day Breakfast features. The Classic appealed to me. Two scrambled eggs were lightly cooked.2 potato latkes came with sour cream or applesauce. Buttered rye toast, bacon and fruit completed this tasty brunch. Hungry folk might wish to tackle the Leaning Tower of Caplansky. Three pieces of thick cut challah French toast with layers of cream cheese, blueberry jam and beef bacon is served with maple syrup and fresh fruit. I would love to see someone finish that amount of food.

Several entrée type dishes are offered for dinner. Liver and Onions is pan fried and served with gravy. BBQ Beef Brisket is braised low and slow and covered with onions, and tomato. The juices are reduced and simmered with molasses and cider vinegar. BBQ Beef Ribs are maple smoked beef bones finished with Caplansky’s own BBQ sauce. All dinners are served with seasonal veggies and a choice of fries or mashed potatoes.

I doubt anyone could have room for Dessert. The Lemon Square,  Cheesecake or Chocolate Cake will guarantee that you leave saturated and happy. I recommend the Blintzes for a lunch treat or a dessert.

The service was delightful. We were enchanted with the good humor of our server. What a delightful lunch. Bravo Zane Caplansky. You are now a Toronto hero.

Caplansky’s                                   356 College St                       416 500 3852