Release stalled housing money, says Crowe

Feds, province can jumpstart economy by paying out housing funds pledged in 2008

By Bulletin Staff –

Cathy Crowe, long-time street nurse and Ontario NDP candidate in Toronto Centre, calls on the federal government and the province of Ontario to release the housing money.

A reported $481 million in federal-provincial funds allocated for housing has not yet been released, despite the signing of the new agreement earlier this summer. This money is part of an original 2008 agreement between Ottawa and the provinces. Toronto expects to receive $108 million.

Monies could be allocated for new construction, repairs and renovation of existing housing, programs to ensure affordability such as rent supplements and would result not only in affordable, safe homes for people in need but support the economy through construction.

Crowe, who has worked in downtown Toronto for over 25 years with people who are homeless and living in sub-standard housing said, “We face serious numbers when it comes to homelessness in downtown Toronto and the need for more housing is palpable. Everywhere I go I see crowded apartments, bedbug and cockroach infestations, people facing huge affordability issues when it comes to their basic needs like rent and food. This is a time to make haste and meet human needs. These two levels of government should fast-track the release of this money.”