Opposition rises to Wynne Liberals’ sell-out of Ontario Hydro

Coun. Cheri DiNovo —

Premier Kathleen Wynne and her government never consulted with Ontarians – or the people of Toronto – before they decided to sell-off Hydro One.

It’s time for you to be heard!

Years of neglect have left our transit system in disrepair while people in Toronto are stuck in traffic trying to get to work or home to spend time with their families.  We need to invest in transit, but it doesn’t make sense to do that by selling-off our shared public assets that generate revenue.

The Liberals had said that selling Hydro One would help families by investing in better public transit. But now we have the evidence: the privatization of Hydro One will cost us hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue and won’t help anyone trying to squeeze onto the subway.

We sent them a clear message that Hydro One and our public utilities are not for sale. Be part of a movement that has seen more than 80% of Ontarians and 185 municipalities join their voices to ours across Ontario in opposition the sell-off.

Let’s tell the Premier and her government to keep our hydro system public!