Nitric oxide is key to prevent heart attack

Ask anyone what causes a sudden heart attack and they will say it’s the result of high blood cholesterol, lack of exercise, obesity or smoking. Now, a report in the publication “LifeExtension” says doctors must start thinking “endothelium.” I’d bet few readers could even spell this word. So why is it so vital? And what natural remedies make it healthy?

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The endothelium is the ultra-thin, 1-cell-thick, innermost lining of arteries. It produces nitric oxide. And it’s ironic that just this single layer of cells, if unhealthy, results in decreased blood circulation, hardening of arteries, and is a major cause of the big killers, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

During our early years, a youthful endothelium is due to nitric oxide (NO). But as we age, our body’s production of NO decreases, and any of the three big threats can prematurely end our lives.

Researchers report that the typical North American diet ingests daily 4 to 5 grams of arginine, an amino acid. These are broken down in the body by a number of enzymes, one being nitric oxide synthase eNOS, creating nitric oxide.

During this physiological process, endothelium is constantly exposed to oxygen-rich arterial blood. Without oxygen we would die, but oxygen also produces a metabolic reaction, called oxidation, that destroys some eNOS.

So how can we boost the production of NO as we age and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease? Until recently, this presented a challenge for doctors.

A good start is to eat dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, drink apple juice and eat small amounts of dark chocolate. If you enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner this also adds to the amount of nitric oxide. It’s also prudent to take a brisk walk daily as this has the same effect. There are also a couple of natural remedies.

Researchers at LifeExtension report that both laboratory and human studies show that pomegranate extracts can lower blood pressure, triglycerides and improve HDL, the good cholesterol.

Equally important, pomegranate has also been found to protect the eNos enzyme from the oxidative chemical stresses that damage it. This results in increased levels of nitric oxide which can shrink atherosclerotic plaques, increase blood flow and decrease hypertension.

Since I had a heart attack at 74 years of age, I’m always looking for ways to boost my level of nitric oxide. So I’ve added a small amount of pomegranate concentrate to my diet. I don’t have a weight problem but since pomegranate extracts contain sugar, this is the last ingredient many North Americans need if they’re fighting obesity. In addition, researchers do not yet know the exact dose of pomegranate needed for cardiovascular health.

So for several years I’ve also boosted nitric oxide by using a safe, easy, natural remedy, NEO40. Dr. Nathan S. Bryan at the University of Texas, a world authority on nitric oxide, says NEO40 is effective because it contains L-citrulline, vitamin C, beet root and hawthorne.

For years doctors have known that nitroglycerine eases coronary pain by dilating arteries. But the mystery was why arteries expanded. Three Nobel Prize winners have now proven it is due to the miracle molecule, NO.

Why a “miracle molecule”? Because NO also helps to decrease the risk of diabetes complications by increasing circulation, easing nerve and joint inflammation, Researchers at the University of Calgary also report that patients suffering from depression show significantly lower levels of Nitric Oxide.

Since NEO40 increases blood supply to all organs in nanoseconds, it’s also helpful for those suffering from erectile dysfunction. And, if you’re planning a trip to a high altitude region, you will be less likely to be affected by high altitude sickness if you start taking NEO40 before leaving.

For all problems, one tablet, slowly dissolved in the mouth in the morning and at bedtime for two weeks will help to establish a blood level of Nitric Oxide. Later, one tablet should be taken every morning. NEO40 is available at Health Food Stores.

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– W. Gifford-Jones MD

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