Power To Girls Foundation hosts a celebration of girls in honour of International Day of a Girl

Toronto Ontario; Power To Girls Foundation will celebrate International Day of a Girl by hosting a celebration on October 12th 2013 at the Daniel Spectrum Building (585 Dundas Street East Toronto, Ontario) from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.  The celebration is designed to bring together 35-50 girls of varied culture and backgrounds together to celebrate what it means to be a girl.

A celebration of girls will create a fun space where participants can listen to the perspective of mentors through the workshops and activities designed for the day. The goal is to understand each other’s viewpoints and to empower girls to be the best they can be in every given situation.

Activities for the day will include:

  • Vision Board Workshop
  • Zumba Session
  • Spa and Make up Treatments
  • Self Love Workshop
  • Mini Photo Shoot

The Celebration will engage girls to help them identify their true potential and to have fun while doing so. A celebration of girls is offered without any charge to the interested participants. Foods and snacks will also be provided for the attendees.

The celebration is organized and hosted by Power To Girls Foundation a non-profit organization that has the vision to empower and to encourage young girls, and to help create an environment that fosters growth, leadership and economic freedom. Our mandate and mission is to motivate, educate and inspire young girls to become young women. We are dedicated to provide positive mentorship, community interaction and recreational activities that inspire self-confidence, build self-esteem, friendships, healthy eating, hygiene and integrity in the hearts of all our girls.

International Day of the Girl is an annual day that was declared by the United Nations to recognize girl’s rights globally and support action to address discrimination and other barriers young girls face.

Interested participants are urged to RSVP online at www.powertogirls.com

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