Kate Sellar: Positive social change in Toronto Centre

Kate Sellar —

One of the underlying questions the residents of Toronto Centre are
grappling with in this election is who they can trust to uphold their
values. Toronto Centre is a community that prides itself on its
commitment to positive social change and fairness, a commitment that I’m
proud to embrace.

What I offer as a candidate is someone who the voters of Toronto Centre
can count on to uphold these values all of the time, not just during an
election. I’ve committed myself to standing up for my community, to
speaking up for people who are not being heard and for advocating for
transit and housing, children and families. I offer the kind of change
that the current government promises and then fails to deliver.

Knocking on doors over the past few weeks, Toronto Centre residents have
told me again and again how much they want a government that they can
believe in, that they can trust to promote the positive social change
that is central to their lives. They want a new government that is
committed to adequate funding for transit, to advocating for good jobs
and affordable education for our young people, for proper funding for
home care and for sustainable, quality child care.

These are all things that the current government has promised and has
not delivered on and these are all things that the NDP has always been
and will continue to be committed to.