Pay for parking using your cellphone and avoid tickets

The Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) has rolled out a new Green P App to replace the existing Green P parking location app.

An exciting feature of this updated app is Green P Mobile Pay. This is a new initiative being introduced as an easy and convenient way to pay for parking in Green P lots with pay and display machines.

“Our mission at Green P is to provide the best possible parking experience,” said TPA Board Chair Michael Tziretas. “The new Green P App gives our customers an even higher level of convenience when they use Green P parking services.”

After downloading the app and creating an account, customers will be able to purchase parking time, track their parking history, and extend their parking time remotely. There is also an alert reminder to advise consumers when their parking session is about to expire.

“The new Green P App is an example of how the City is bringing its operations into the 21s century,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory. “As Mayor, I am committed to modernizing both the services the City offers and the way they are delivered for Toronto residents. Our role is not to fight the future but to make Toronto a more future-ready city. I applaud the efforts of the Toronto Parking Authority for delivering a payment option that is both convenient and cutting-edge.”

To ensure an effective roll out of the Mobile Pay option, it will be introduced in phases. This phased approach ensures the compliance of all parking payment equipment and machines – making it an easy and seamless transition for Toronto parkers.

Effective shortly, mobile pay will be available in select non-gated lots (pay and display lots) across the city. As mobile pay becomes available these lots will have signs to clearly identify them as mobile pay lots. The number of non-gated lots where the new service is in effect will increase weekly until all non-gated lots are covered under the new platform. This is expected to occur in late spring of this year. The current pay and display machines will remain in place as a payment option.

Parking rates will remain the same as those currently applied, and there will be no additional fees for the new mobile payment application.

“The TPA is committed to providing our customers with safe, attractive, self-sustaining, and conveniently located public parking”, said TPA President Lorne Persiko. “The unwavering efforts by the TPA board and staff to bring customers this added convenience is another example of that commitment.”

The Toronto Parking Authority developed the updated Green P App in collaboration with Charlotte NC-based Passport, Inc. Passport has previous experience building customized parking and transit platforms for municipalities, including Chicago, IL and Boston, MA.

Look for the signs at these five Green P pay and display lots in the coming days to use the mobile pay option on the Green P App:

Picture 33

The free Green P App is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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