Paving Lake Ontario: Porter jumps jet runway proposal by 20% as public consultations begin

Gautam Malkani –

Less than 20 hours before the beginning of the City of Toronto’s public consultation process on the dangerous jet plans for the waterfront, Porter owner Deluce is pushing for even longer runways. The new 400 meter-proposal will encroach on boaters and lake users while paving even more of Lake Ontario.

“Deluce’s push for paving the lake was already bad enough – and now he is going even further with his 400 meter proposal,” NoJetsTO chair Anshul Kapoor said. “The only guy to profit from filling in Lake Ontario now wants to sacrifice even more of it.”

Issuing a press release close to 6 p.m. on the day before the first public consultation, Porter is dropping another bomb shell in its quest to ruin the waterfront with jet aircraft.

“To come out with this sort of crucial information mere hours before the first public consultation is a slap in the face for concerned Torontonians,” Anshul Kapoor continued. “What else is Deluce hiding about his dangerous jet plans? He has to put all cards on the table – ASAP.”

Porter claims that the original proposal of extending the existing east-west runway at the Island Airport by 168 meter at each end will not affect boaters and kayakers – a claim that has been put in doubt as Transport Canada decides on moving the buoys, not Porter. The 168 meter-proposal already represents a 1/3 lengthening of the existing runway.

With the new 200 meter proposal for each end, access to Toronto’s inner harbour will definitely be obstructed by choking the Western Gap.

“Boaters and other lake users will pay the price for Deluce turning even more of Lake Ontario into tarmac for his jets,” the NoJetsTO chair added. “Lake Ontario is a public asset – not the private property of a rich entrepreneur that can be paved over as desired.”

“It’s sad to see Porter trying to bury the news after hours. Toronto’s residents and waterfront stakeholders deserve better,” Kapoor concluded

NoJetsTO is a coalition of concerned citizens dedicated to preserving Toronto’s mixed-use waterfront and a boutique Island Airport. Representing residents across Toronto, NoJetsTO opposes the expansion of the Island Airport through jet aircraft and extended runways. NoJetsTO’s goal is to protect the current Tripartite Agreement that governs the Island Airport.