Online Miklos Legrady exhibit comes to Quinten galleries

Miklos Legrady Exhibit Comes to Maxx Quinten Art Gallery in Toronto

Photographer Miklos Legrady.

Canadian painting artist and photographer Miklos Legrady opens an exhibit of his work at Maxx Quinten Art Gallery in Toronto through July 29, 2017. Paintings on virtual display and for sale include five highly original, provocative and influential exhibits of work on canvas.

The “Art Theory for Social Media” series showcases a number of new pieces originally painted on flat sheets of cardboard. These works display an uncanny attention to detail, transforming mundane surfaces of consumer packaging into fascinating pieces of art. This series documents the highest and most sophisticated levels of the cultural consciousness which is our common heritage, and second, the symbols, icons, and signs used in making art are experiments in different ways of speaking, seeing, and thinking about the totality of being.

The “Martini Glass” series explores how small changes in objects and shading can affect how you feel, relying in this case on bubbles and their airiness. The conceptual premise is the importance of the individual’s experience of beauty in the path of the light. That perception is the basis of architecture.

The circle square and triangle expanded become a sphere, cube and pyramid. All shapes can be created using a combination of these three. In the “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Geometrica” art series, these basic shapes are a subject on their own. Here we see visual language as created by shape, colour and light.

They say painting is never done; once the entire canvas is covered with pigment so that it is all black, a touch of white starts the painting process all over again. In the “Work in Progress” art series, Legrady played with the idea of continuity, assuming that at some point a painting is actually a complete statement, yet one always open to revision.

The “Unique Flavour Sweet Taste” art series paintings are an exploration of the process of creativity, seen as an unconscious and transcendent function; the creative unconscious. There is evidence of agencies other than the intellectual thought and conscious will that control our lives. We’re not masters of our own domain, though the illusion persists since consciousness is a compound of unconscious processes, the one we’re mostly aware of.

“Only the extraordinary is really art. We know that an artist is one who listens to the silent voice within, otherwise it’s just highly skilled illustration. Inner vision, inspiration, creative spirit, these are the spiritual aspect of art,” said Miklos Legrady. “These paintings were made to explore that voice. First comes the background of many colours. Then I start with a circular shape, and my intuition takes me on each step, till an inner voice says stop. I assume that the presence of that creative spirit is what all great works share in common, what creates extraordinary work.”

“Maxx Quinten Art Gallery’s mandate is to bring to the public Canadian artists currently unknown who are seen to produce international quality work and whose valuation we expect to rise exponentially to make our investment worthwhile,” said Maxx Quinten, Art Director. “We also profit by sharing our call with the public, presenting this work as an investment at low cost before the rise of the artist’s reputation. Our credibility rests on your judgment of the artists we are privileged to work with.”

To make these works accessible to a wider audience, Maxx Quinten Art Gallery offers limited edition prints on canvas available in the gallery’s online store. All clients are treated to a one-on-one private appointment when shopping for original art. Shopping experience consists of artworks that are first viewed online and then by appointment, available for private viewings at two convenient locations in downtown Toronto: 60 Atlantic Avenue and 500 King Street West.