By Annabelle Goodman –

Corner of Jameson and Queen St West
(416) 532-3901

After the final Om has been chanted from your yoga class head out to this ethereal low key wondrous restaurant. The Indian and Tibetan food is freshly prepared and superb in flavor.

The dark brown walls and brown tablecloths add to the serene atmosphere. One server managed to look after everyone with a smile on his face. I can’t imagine how he did it. The place was full. It was obvious they were all regulars and nobody had a reservation. Our server actually chuckled and asked if I was the person who had the reservation.

This is low key in atmosphere but the highest quality of food. It was also very busy with take outs. We traveled a long way to get there and would do it again at the first opportunity.  We were fascinated to hear the owner tell us about his arrival here from Tibet to India   and then Canada. This is a small family operation doing a big business. I wish them the best.

The Indian bread arrived at our table as soon as we did. It was so thin and actually melted in my mouth. My friend and I devoured it all before we even had ordered.

The Tandoori Fish was boneless salmon marinated in yogurt and ground spices cooked in a tandoori oven.($11.99) It was served with sizzling vegetables on a hot iron plate. The fish was flavorful and totally enjoyed.

We were tempted with the Tandoori Shrimp.($12.99) They will be saved for our next visit.

The Aloo Gobi was spectacular.($7.99) Cauliflower and potatoes are cooked in aromatic spices. The cauliflower still had some crunch to it and the aromatic spices had just a little zing on the palate.

My dining companion and I laughed at the thought that we were getting ecstatic over the Vegetable Biryani Rice.($7.99) After all it is only cooked rice. Every grain of rice was firm yet cooked. The flavor burst on the palate.

This is first rate Indian food prepared by a knowledgeable skillful chef.

Tibet Food is also available on the menu. Phingsha offers sliced beef sautéed with black mushrooms, bean thread noodles and potato.($8.99)

Shaptak offers sliced beef sautéed in green chilli, onion and tomato in a hot sauce.($8.99)

The menu is extensive. There are many suggestions in each category of food. The menu states it all,” We’re better…We’re fresher…We’re tastier”

Om is the satisfying ending to a yoga practice. It was our satisfying evening of fine Indian food in a small informal restaurant. The prices are so economical you could afford to dine here on a daily basis.