New, Local Jeweller Revolutionizes Engagement Ring Buying

It was 29 years ago when Aret Oymakas, owner of a new engagement ring design studio Livia Diamonds (named after his wife and daughter), first laid his 12-year-old hands on a diamond. His grandfather, the first of 3 generations of jewellers, introduced Aret to the ancient business of jewellery.

Since those early days of cutting, setting, crafting and selling jewellery, Aret has journeyman’d through 2 traditional jewellery store businesses. His heart always resided in the bridal jewellery segment of the business where he learned a lot about what is important to soon-to-be newlywed couples.

Each couple he met and sold engagement rings inspired many mental notes of what went wrong, what could’ve been better, and what could bring more meaning to the whole process. A year ago, it was time for him to leave behind the traditional storefront jewellery businesses and forge a new path for engagement ring buying.

His new approach involves one-on-one, high touch point, appointment only, personalized service in a modern chic design studio located at 47 Colborne Street. His claim to fame, says many of his clients, is his remarkable ability to infuse every ounce of sentiment and meaning into the custom engagement ring. He believes that every engagement ring should be a true symbol of their one of a kind love.

“I feel I was born to reflect your unique love story through your custom engagement ring in the most meaningful way,” says Aret. His clients have referred to him as “the king of custom” – referring to custom engagement rings.

Anyone looking for an engagement ring can easily book an appointment on Livia Diamonds’ website. Aret helps them narrow down a style or even use a client provided image for inspiration. Once the style is decided on the loose diamond is carefully chosen.

Adding meaning to buying jewellery, what some might consider as more transactional, seems to be his greatest asset. His partnership with Sick Kids Hospital cements that ability. Every purchase made through Livia Diamonds contributes to what’s most near to his heart – children and the parents who raise them.

He hopes to help ignite new loving families in the downtown core while giving back to the community with as much sparkle as possible.