New crop of coaches ready to blow their whistles

Kimberly Spice –

Toronto has approximately 300 additional coaches as the launch of Let’s Get Coaching! has brought out many eager participants in the hopes of helping future athletes.

As the Pan Am and Para Pan Am games approach, the city has joined forces with the Major League Sports and Entertainment Foundation (MLSE) and the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO) to establish 2015 new coaches in Toronto.


“We are so happy to be partners in it in the sense that the city is really investing in the city and determined to get trained coaches and that’s what we do,” Mercedes Watson, coach and partner development for the CAO, told The Bulletin. “We deliver this education for coaches so they can go out into their communities and really have positive influence on the sports sector in the city.”

This free initiative is not just about gaining new coaches for the Toronto area but to bring into communities additional mentors and leaders. Participating also helps individuals learn about team building and making connections, which is helpful in today’s competitive job market.

“I think part of this program, as we get people trained and into the program, we would try to work on making connections for them to get into coaching or teaching roles,” stated Cathy Vincelli, project director for Pan Am and Para Pan Am games operations in the city’s parks and rec department.

“All the kids from the Toronto Sport Leadership Program, 150 or so, are taking that program. They tend to apply to the city for jobs.”
The program, which is free, is open to residents 16 years of age and older and it is running over an 8- month period up to the conclusion of PanAm and Para PanAm games in August.

All sporting coaches were invited to take part in the initiative but the program is still searching for a few more coaches in tennis, badminton and baseball but both Watson and Vincelli are optimistic that once people see the success of the program, sponsors and partners will jump in with their support.

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