Nespresso Bar Boutique

Annabelle Goodman —

I love my Nespresso coffee machine. It makes the best coffee in town. I literally crave my daily fix. The boutique bar on Cumberland is an experience. . I am an environmentalist so I save all my used capsules. When I need to purchase some coffee I return all the used capsules to Nespresso. The Swiss designed facility is worth a visit even if you are not interested in buying coffee. It could be called cavernous but the design is so exquisite it is like visiting a museum. The front of the facility is a bar boutique. The comfortable large lounging chairs are so welcoming. The high tables with WIFI connection are well used as well. This place is always busy. On this Saturday morning most of the clients were single people enjoying a cup of varied types of coffee. I needed to purchase some coffee and decided to treat myself to a light lunch on way to a movie. The service is elegant and high style as if you were at an exclusive club or restaurant. The servers are all in black. The water glass with a piece of lemon was constantly filled. The décor is exquisitely creative. It is all coffee oriented. Coffee machines, colorful coffee pods, cups and coffee spoons decorate this large facility with color and design. Most of the clients are busy on their computers. I was content to people watch. I was delighted to see a wonderful couple from my building. We had a great conversation. When Espresso first opened the menu was limited. All the food is provided by Loire Restaurant on Harbord St. The menu is now quite extensive. I like the Bagel with Lox and Cream Cheese. The multi grain bagel was fresh. The dill cream cheese was flavorful. The mound of very tasty smoked salmon with large capers, slices of cucumber and red onion made for a decorative plate and a tasty brunch.

159 Cumberland St – 1 855 325 5785

I had considered the Grilled Gruyere and Fig Sandwich with a side of fresh fruit. I’ll be back for that in the near future. Onion Soup, Quiche, Pizza slice and Salads are just a few of the items on this menu.

Many of the clients enjoy a Sweet and a cup of coffee. Most guests were nursing a cup of coffee. There are so many different types. Over 22 different coffees are available ranging from a mild to a very strong flavor. It is possible to order a short espresso or a long. Decaffeinated and regular are both available in an assortment of flavors. Most people on this occasion seemed to be sipping a latte.

The back of the restaurant is the coffee boutique. All the coffee machines are on display. It is worth visiting even if you are not in the market. Everything is so beautifully displayed. I have purchased several of the lovely little glass cups meant for an espresso. On this occasion my sample coffee was served in a glass similar to a brandy glass. How novel. It was delightful. The coffee spoons are original and beautifully designed. I needed to purchase some coffee. There are so many staff members waiting to serve you. They will explain each coffee. Better yet you are encouraged to try a free coffee. Not only is the coffee provided, a piece of Swiss chocolate is added to the delight.

The décor is worth a visit. The coffee is the best in my opinion. If you visit the boutique it is free. If you wish to lounge in the comfort of the exquisite restaurant area you can sip a great coffee or dine on a light snack. It is all great. Even the music was of high quality. I commented on the exquisite classical music. You are made to feel important.