Loose Larry Cannon sloughs off concerns

Figure the Tassé study will keep the Toronto Pork Authority in power

By Frank Touby –

Don’t expect anything more from the Tassé “study” about the reprehensible Island airport than an attack on the evils of Paul Martin’s handling of the unnecessary and wasteful Toronto Port Authority.

Steve Harper’s man in the transportation folio, Larry Cannon, used a weasel-worded piece of bunkum to address concerns from Downtown resident David Crawford about the appointment of a full board for the dysfunctional and costly Toronto Port Authority.

Pig experts, the Tories, who know and appreciate a boondoggle when they see one, have quickly appropriated the former Liberal pork barrel that costs Toronto taxpayers a fortune.

Crawford had asked how stacking the TPA board with Tory pals fits in with the supposedly important report coming Oct. 15 by Roger Tassé on what is thought would be the future of the useless federal intrusion on Toronto’s waterfront.

Loose Larry’s flack finally responded on Oct. 5 to Crawford’s request for clarification that was sent in July.

It starts:

“Thank you for your correspondence of July 23, 2006, to the Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, regarding the Toronto Port Authority (TPA). The Minister has asked me to reply on his behalf.

“At the outset, allow me to assure you that Transport Canada’s first priorities are safety and security. The department’s mission is to develop and administer policies, regulations and programs for a safe, secure and efficient transportation system.”

Then it rambles on for 390 words detailing the boring history of the 15-year-old boondoggle and ends with this:

“As I am sure you can appreciate, it is important to maintain the TPA’s day-to day operations during the course of the review. With this in mind, the Minister recently announced the appointment of five new directors to the Board of the TPA. The nominations of the individuals appointed to the Board were subject to the appropriate consultation process, as outlined in the CMA and the TPA’s Letters Patent. The new directors represent an impressive mix of knowledge and experience, and the Minister is confident that they will not only serve the best interests of the TPA, but will also recognize the importance of its relationship with the local community.

“I trust that the foregoing has clarified the department’s position with respect to this matter. Again, thank you for writing.

“Yours truly,

“Andrew Walasek

“Special Assistant – Ontario”