Local officer shapes up for widows’ fund to help victims

Kimberly Spice –

A detective in the Homicide Division, Mary Vruna wanted to restart her workouts and bring up her athleticism by joining the Toronto Police Headquarters team for the Insanity Challenge, a 60-day hard-core workout pitting divisional teams against each other.

The Yonge and King area resident is not immune to the challenges that both age and a demanding job create when trying to keep in shape.

“For a long time I’ve always been active but as you age and get older your body changes,” Vruna told The Bulletin. “It gets challenging to maintain that level of fitness, and lifestyle changes as well are a contributing factor.”

Maintaining a satisfying fitness regime is difficult. The 46-year-old Vruna has little time to go to the gym and even less energy after homicide cases run into days of work, not just hours, but a team environment helps in the motivation and the commitment.

“To me it’s been really helpful getting into this because I’m in a team environment,” the 24-year police veteran commented. “You’re able to motivate yourself more and dedicate yourself with a bigger commitment.”

Vruna acknowledges that a workout helps with the stress of her position but the most satisfying element of being a police detective is the successful conclusion of a case.

“I work in homicide so there is nothing more satisfying then apprehending, defending, representing victims that can’t defend themselves that are no longer here to tell their stories or hear their voice,” stated Vruna. “Some of these murderers are your worst offenders, your most dangerous offenders, and having them brought to justice is more gratifying than anything. There is nothing better than that.”

Each divisional team pays a fee to enter the event and on May 19 the winner of the challenge will be named as the primary donor to the Toronto Police Widows and Orphans Fund.

This is not the first charity that Vruna, a 24-year veteran of Toronto Police Services, has been involved with. Her other ventures involved Convenient House, Variety Village and Sick Children’s Hospital.

More information about the Widows and Orphans Fund can be found at http://tpwof.com.