Linda McQuaig champions Regent Park residents

Linda McQuaig is making Regent Park a central focus of her campaign for Toronto Centre.linda

Her campaign released a new video ad today to highlight McQuaig’s focus on issues Regent Park residents face and present strong endorsements by local community leaders from the neighbourhood.

McQuaig will follow today’s release of the video by visiting schools and shops in Regent Park this afternoon.

The video is upbeat and optimistic about Regent Park’s redevelopment. It presents the neighbourhood as a vibrant and diverse mixed-income community that would benefit from McQuaig’s work in Parliament.

The video is called “Regent Park for Linda McQuaig”

McQuaig’s campaign says that as a long-time resident of Toronto Centre, she has a strong connection to Regent Park and is hoping to get results for Regent Park residents on affordable housing, job security and transit issues.

“Regent Park is going through an exciting and dramatic transformation,” says McQuaig in the opening scenes of the video. “It really shows the potential for mixed-income communities.”

Community organizers Walied Khogali and Jennifer Hollett, and social worker Dr. Mahbub Hasan are featured in the video. They present their reasons for supporting McQuaig and urge their neighbours in Regent Park to vote for her in the upcoming by-election on November 25.

“On November 25th, vote to send our representative to Ottawa,” says Khogali. “Vote for Linda McQuaig.”

“Vote Linda McQuaig,” says Hollett in the video. “It’s time for Toronto Centre to turn orange.”

“Linda McQuaig is the best candidate for this riding,” says Dr. Hasan. “She will amplify our voice in Parliament.”

This is the third video that McQuaig’s campaign has issued. The first video ( invited Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland to a debate on the issue of income inequality. The second video, called “Linda McQuaig’s love letter to Toronto Centre” (, highlighted her deep roots in the riding and her focus on income inequality in our communities.