Lights still on at Golden Griddle on Jarvis

Deal to sell lease to Montreal’s O. Noir restaurant falls through

By Frank Touby –

Golden_GriddleContrary to a report in The Bulletin, Golden Griddle at 77 Lower Jarvis remains in business.

There had been a deal with O. Noir restaurant in Montréal to take over the site and open a unique upper-end restaurant featuring dining in pitch dark and served by a blind wait staff.

After December issue of The Bulletin went to press with the story of the change of occupant restaurants, the deal fell through and O. Noir is said to be accepting another Downtown site for its restaurant and seeking to open in February.

So Golden Griddle continues on Jarvis, offering family fare, specializing in breakfast and lunch combinations, pancakes, and with a full dinner menu. It is LLBO licenced.