Le Paradis Brasserie / Bistro

By Annabelle Goodman –

166 Bedford Rd
416 921 0995

In an era where the world is changing much too quickly it is so comforting to have some stability in life. Le Paradis has been an institution on Bedford Rd for years. I remember dining there when it first opened and have continued to enjoy the exquisite French food. It does not change and that is good. The menu items change daily but the consistency of the quality never falters.

This is traditional French food. Reservations are a necessity because Le Paradis is a thriving business at lunch and dinner. Lunches are served from Tuesday to Friday. Dinner is available every evening.

There are three sections to the restaurant. It doesn’t matter because requests are not made. You sit where there is room. The superb food can be enjoyed everywhere. The patio is now open in the front as well as a larger patio at the back (quieter)

A lengthy row of tables is on the main level. Go up several stairs and there is a large room. Go down a few stairs and another room is available.

Our server was fantastic. We ordered a bottle of wine. Before opening she recommended a better tasting wine. She was so right. She was knowledgeable about the menu and was happy to spend time answering our queries.

Two of the diners ordered the Duck Soup. It was passed around and all agreed that the flavor was very special.

On my last visit I enjoyed the Blaff a la Martiniquaise.($17.00) Mixed fish, calamari & shrimp are braised with a spicy tomato, habanero and citrus broth. It was a sensual experience. I was about to order it again until I noticed that one of the specials being served on this evening was Swordfish. That is one of my favorites and not too many restaurants serve it. I didn’t need a knife. My fork cut it easily. The flavor was superb. It was tender and perfectly prepared. The light flavorful rose sauce was completely devoured with the fish. The fish sat on a ball of tasty bulgar infused with vegetables. This was a winning combination enjoyed by two of the guests.

The Pave de Boeuf   au Poivre ($18.00) was cooked exactly as the diner requested. The top sirloin was topped with a peppercorn sauce. She also raved about the frites. Apparently the home made mayonnaise and red sauce were extraordinary.

On former visits many of my dining companions have ordered the Foie de Veau a l’Ancienne.($16.00) I’m told it is the best liver in town. Seared Provini calf liver is prepared with veal & onion reduction & bacon.

The other dining companion at our table ordered a special of the day, the Sweetbreads. He was so satisfied.

We were all delighted and very full but you cannot leave this place without trying a dessert. We shared two of their outstanding treats. The Lemon Tarte is the best. It is lemony, ‘tart’ and creamy on the palate. It is always a winner. The Crème Brulee was equally delicious.

I was glad I could walk home to digest my wonderful feast and work off some of the calories. Le Paradis is always consistent. The food is flavorful and nicely plated. The service is friendly and efficient. All of the above and it also extremely economical for outstanding gourmet dining.

What more could anyone want?