Lakeshore streetcar to go west?

The City of Toronto and Toronto Transit Commission are hosting two public meetings/open houses to examine plans to extend streetcar service from Exhibition Place, west to the existing tracks at the Roncesvalles Ave. and Queen St. W. intersection.

The meetings/open houses take place on Monday, November 27 at the Church of the Holy Family, 1372 King St. W., and on Tuesday, November 28 at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place. Both open houses begin at 6:30 p.m., with presentations at 7:30 p.m.

The meetings/open houses will provide an opportunity for residents and business owners to learn about the study, ask questions, and provide feedback to City of Toronto and TTC staff.

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In the early 1990’s, the TTC undertook a study called the Waterfront West Light Rail Transit (WWLRT) Environmental Assessment (EA). The purpose of the EA was to review options and select alternatives for improving rapid transit service from downtown Toronto to south Etobicoke (Legion Road).

The 1993 WWLRT EA Report recommended a westerly streetcar track expansion along Lakeshore Boulevard, proceeding south of Exhibition Place, then north on Dufferin Street to a new Dufferin Street Loop, located immediately north of the Gardiner Expressway and rail corridor.

The study also looked at the extension of the streetcar track from the Dufferin Street Loop, further west to the existing track at Roncesvalles Avenue and Queen Street West as a Long Term Plan. This extension was not included in the 1993 undertaking because it was not considered cost effective at the time. However, a recommendation was made to evaluate various potential streetcar track alignments to connect the Dufferin Street Loop to Roncesvalles Avenue and Queen Street West in the future. The remainder of the study evaluated the westerly improvement of the Lakeshore streetcar in South Etobicoke, from the Humber Loop to Legion Road.

Following approval of the WWLRT EA on August 21 1995, the TTC and Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto received an exemption from the Province to construct a streetcar loop at Exhibition Place in 1996 due to internal land use changes. Subsequently, the Harbourfront Streetcar was expanded westwards from Spadina to Exhibition Place.

There have been two modifications made to the original WWLRT EA approved recommendation. First, in May 1999, the alignment was changed to operate via Queens Quay to Bathurst Street and north on Bathurst Street to Fleet Street. Second, in March 2006, approval was given to reconstruct the existing streetcar tracks on Fleet Street on their own right of way.

In addition, due to concerns by both the City of Toronto and the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA) regarding the Legion Road loop, a relocation of the proposed loop to Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore Boulevard was approved in principle by both authorities.

New Study Description

 The TTC is proposing to undertake two studies to evaluate potential transit expansions for:

  • Exhibition Place to Dufferin Street
  • Dufferin Street to Roncesvalles Avenue/Queen Street West intersection

The two studies will follow slightly different approval processes in order to meet requirements under the Environmental Assessment Act (EA Act).

In the case of a new streetcar line from Exhibition Place to Dufferin Street, an EA Modification to the previous 1993 WWLRT EA Report is required.

Since the streetcar connection from Dufferin Street to the existing tracks at Roncesvalles Avenue and Queen Street West was not included in the 1993 WWLRT EA Report, an Individual EA is necessary to meet the requirements of the EA Act.

The following provides a description of each study:

Exhibition Place to Dufferin Street: Environmental Assessment Modification

This study involves a review of the previously approved route in the 1993 EA Report along with potential new routes reflective of the current conditions.

The TTC has commenced an EA Modification study that will include an evaluation of alternatives, assessment of the potential effects on the environment, identification of reasonable measures to minimize any adverse effects, and documentation in an EA Modification Report.

Dufferin Street to Roncesvalles Avenue/Queen Street West Intersection: Individual Environmental Assessment

The TTC has initiated an Individual EA for the extension of streetcar service from Dufferin Street to the existing tracks at the Roncesvalles/Queen Street West intersection.

As required under the EA Act, an Individual EA involves two steps:

  • The first step is the preparation and submission of a Terms of Reference (ToR) to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) for approval.
  • If approved, the ToR will serve as a framework for the preparation and review of the EA study (step two).

The ToR will identify the alternatives for consideration in the EA step; provide a description of the existing environmental conditions; summarize the evaluation methodology proposed for the alternatives (including the evaluation criteria to be used); and identify the consultation plan to be conducted during the EA. Preparation of the ToR will include public and review agency consultation.


If you have any questions or would like to be added to the project mailing list please contact:

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