Hudak praises resigned-in-disgrace expenses cheat Peter Sherman

Tim Hudak & Peter Sherman

Tim Hudak & Peter Sherman

Tim Hudak —

The resignation of Peter Shurman Feb. 16, 2018 as the Ontario PCs’ MPP for Thornhill leaves the good people of his riding without the strong presence at Queen’s Park that Peter represented on their behalf since first elected in 2007.

In September, The Globe and Mail revealed that Shurman, who represents Thornhill, received $20,000 from a government fund to pay for housing for out-of-town MPPs. His home is in Niagara-on-the-Lake instead of his riding.

A year after he was sworn into office, for example, Peter successfully forced the McGuinty Liberals to return to the House early from Winter break to pass back-to-work legislation to end the strike by CUPE 3903 that had shut down York University and had put the students’ year in jeopardy.

We wish Peter well in his future endeavours, and thank him for his determination and hard work. He was one of the finer communicators in the Legislature.

Since arriving at the Ontario Legislature, Peter has served as the Ontario PCs’ Critic for Economic Development & Trade; for Francophone Affairs; as Vice-Chair of the Legislature’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts and, until early September, as our Finance Critic.

Peter has also been a strong defender of Israel both in our Caucus and in the House, and has made it clear in the strongest and most articulate of voices that incidents of anti-Semitism in Thornhill and within and without our province would not be tolerated.

In 2010, for example, he brought a resolution to the floor of the Legislature condemning Israeli Apartheid Week on Ontario’s university campuses.

It passed unanimously.