Hudak back to taking shots at Ontario government


Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak

Newly invigorated Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak invites Premier Kathleen Wynne to table the Liberal bills “holding up the legislature this session and rise to the task of fixing the province’s beleaguered economy.”

Hudak isn’t the most popular leader his party has had, but he easily survived attempts to shake him from his seat during the recent party convention. He’s back on the attack against the Liberal rulers of Ontario.

“Either the Liberals don’t understand the economic problems facing Ontario, or they don’t care, or they don’t know,” says Hudak. “We will clearly state today that we will put jobs and the economy first by speeding through tabled legislation so we can move forward with a plan.

“We will therefore assist them in clearing the legislation that’s throwing a wrench into the works so we can get on with the serious job of saving our province.” “The good news for Ontarians is that we have 14 white papers as the template for economic prosperity,” says Hudak. “The bad news is that the Liberals’ lack of their own plan seems to suggest they have given up on Ontario.”

PC House Leader Jim Wilson will hand-deliver a time-allocation motion to Liberal House Leader John Milloy to clear his party’s desk of legislation “and get immediately to work finding jobs for Ontarians,” which means giving Hudak and his crew a shot at running the province.

“We’re asking the Liberals to put the interests of a half-million people out of work over their political interest,” says Wilson. “Under Tim Hudak, the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has an innovative and viable economic plan that will get Ontario moving again.

“We believe we can put Ontario back on the right track if we move quickly to tackle the problems the Liberals have created.”

At its policy convention in London over the weekend, caucus members and party delegates enthusiastically endorsed Hudak’s economic plan for Ontario, one that is focused on revitalizing the province’s economy, bringing optimism back to the fore, and creating the jobs that Ontarians need to return to prosperity.

“We have a plan that excites me,” says Hudak. “It’s innovative and it’s do-able. “The message the convention over the weekend was loud and clear. Let’s get on with it. Let’s get Ontarians back to work.

“It is time to get serious about the problems this province faces,” he adds. “And it’s not tanning beds or concerns for water-heater salesmen.”