Most popular fashion trends among Toronto students

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Of the more than two and a half million people living in Toronto, almost one-third of those are teens and young adults of high school of college age. Fashions among these individuals have changed a lot over the years, although some staples like hoodies have remained popular for many years now. Here are a few of the most popular fashion trends among Toronto students as of 2017.

Custom T-Shirts and Hoodies

 The ubiquity of the Internet and the ability of small businesses to take advantage of cutting edge technology has led to the rise of custom hoodies and t-shirts. For a very affordable fee, students can choose a design and look all their own, branding their favourite pieces of clothing with their own individual personality. This is a great situation for anybody who values individuality, and most custom shirts can be created in a matter of minutes rather than the days the process once took. The ability to make your own shirt in Toronto is something that has many students very excited.

Bucket Hats

Often seen as something that fisherman wear, the wide, floppy brims of bucket hats have popped in and out of the fashion scene for years. At the moment, they are back in style, thanks in part to their popularity in the hip hope scene. While most students wear bucket hats as a fashion statement, they also have some practical value as well. These hats tend to be good at keeping water off the wearer’s face during the wet Toronto springtime, and they are well-ventilated enough to wear during the summer months as well.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts have been a fashion staple since the middle of the 20th century. However, they didn’t catch on with young people until fairly recently. The fact that these skirts are form-fitting while still being relatively concealing has become very appealing to students in both high school and college. While these skirts cannot be customized with the same ease that t-shirts and hoodies can, they still have enough room to allow for unique patterns and color combinations that allow people to show their sense of individuality while still embracing modern fashion.


A very flexible piece of clothing, the sarong has been popular for centuries in certain parts of Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands. Its name literally translates to sheath in Indonesian, and the clothing is essentially a piece of colorful fabric that can be worn as a skirt or a dress. Although sarongs are more popular among women, there are plenty of men who take advantage of the easily adjustable clothing as well. Shops typically sell a wide range of different sarongs in bright colours and interesting patterns.

There are many different factors that drive fashion among students in Toronto. For the most part, however, it boils down to a matter of functionality and customization. Young people love a chance to express their personalities and stand apart from the crowd, whether that’s through a unique assortment of colours or the use of custom images on their t-shirts.