Hilarious Ford Brothers plan new comedy show on YouTube


Shades of TV’s fabulous McKenzie Bros. Staggering on the shoulders of giants, Toronto’s hilarious brothers Doug and Rob Ford set off to create more pure Etobicoke-style comedy for all the world.

The belly laughs from Toronto’s comedy couple never ends. It’s been announced that the riotous Ford Bros. Comedy Tent is opening on YouTube.

They’ve needed a bigger tent than CFRB radio or Toronto City Hall to fully explore the comedic opportunities they can achieve through a live-to-video performance.

It might be the first step in their rumoured plans to approach NBC and Russia Today (rt.com) with a regular sponsored gig. The Emmy-deprived comedy couple will be honing their routines to perfection.

The riotously funny showmen are planning to entertain an appreciative array of comedy lovers around the world. They have achieved world recognition for their ad hoc performances. Though rumours had it that politics is their forté, the laugh-a-second duo are said to have been planning this since they were just punk teens in Etobicoke (pronounced EEE-TOE-BEE-COH).

In doing so they’ve made a laughing stock of Toronto City Hall which now contends with such venues as Comedy Shack, Second City and Yuk Yuks for the esteemed Laugh Capital of North America label.

Though their dad made his (and their) fortune through a label-printing company, it’s rumoured  that the boys have always considered that too boring and they intended to strike out on their own to chart a path to glory.

With a tag-along troupe of actors playing such realistic roles as crack suppliers, gang-bangers and murderous thugs, the laughs will be acoming.

“Some people will die laughing watching these guys,” predicts an undercover Toronto cop who says he splits his sides after an encounter with younger brother, Rob.

Don’t miss the first episode starting Feb. 10, 2014. And you are invited to participate not only as a resident of Toronto concerned about boosting your city’s growing reputation as a source of world humour, but also to provide fodder for the boys to bounce off of. No pun there.

Just email your questions to laughaminute@thebulletin.ca and we’ll make sure the guys get them in time to create a riotously funny performance that equals anything you’ve seen at city hall. Watch the hilarous duo here: http://www.youtube.com/officialfordnation

Go Leafs Go!

Oops! Sorry Robbie! Go Denver!